Pruned by Ariana Mullens


With so many books out there promising clever tricks stratagems and shortcuts to a better life, it is incredibly refreshing to read a book with plain simple practical ways to enjoy the life you have, in all it’s imperfect awkward and sometimes even painful glory. Such an accomplishment may sound intimidating but the book is anything but; the chapters are short and easy to read and each is followed by one or two simple questions for reflection, as well as suggestions for further reading.
A large part of the book is simply stories. By sharing her own experiences and how she and her family have grown through hardships and uncertainty, Ariana Mullins illustrates simple yet priceless lessons in cultivating flexibility and happiness in all of life’s seasons. Sharing her stories with no special tricks or gimmicks, she has created a book that is both an easy read and a handy guide to return to when things get rough. I only wish there was a printed version so I could keep my very own dog-eared scribbled in copy close at hand. For more about Ariana and her book as well as her family and their adventures, see the link below.