Bus Project Update

A Bus Called Home

It’s been a fun and productive weekend but it’s time to go back to work – to support my habit of living the funnest way possible.

The big victory this weekend was finding my favorite curtains on clearance. Score! I also had a chance to spend a few days in my bus really seeing what is most urgently needed for comfortable living. That experience plus a generous tax return has bumped the composting toilet to the top of the list – right next to some sort of economical plug-in heat source for situations when idling the bus would get me unwanted attention. It gets coooooold in here!

Yeah, I’m still BoonDocking. Luckily that’s been going really well. There are plenty of unobtrusive spots besides Walmart, and at least one no-hassle RV campground I can use. Parking around town has been easier than expected as well.

Getting this thing registered as a motor home is beginning to feel urgent. I’m only allowed 9 days of unregistered “trip-permit” driving per month and I’ve already used 3. I’m not sure what happens if I get stopped while driving unregistered and un-permitted but I really don’t want to find out.

So. That means I need to find a sink and an electric cook-top or oven pronto! There were a few at the Habitat for Humanity store, but they were bigger than what I wanted. I may get one of them anyway. A “too large” sink would be a relatively minor inconvenience.

It also means I should probably just go ahead and build a kitchen counter. It will have to be removable since I am doing the floors and insulation later. That’s kind of a back-asswards way of building out a bus, but since I need it road legal and livable ASAP, it’s the way I’ve decided to go. I’ll bolt everything down for the inspection, but it will all be removable.

I’m also thinking about painting sooner than planned. Apparently a school bus that looks like a school bus is not welcome in some RV parks. Bummer. I guess I’ll have to do the fun stuff first instead of last.

That’s it for now! Thanks for following me on my journey!