Things I learned while attempting to make chocolate from scratch in my truck

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1. I need a bigger mixing bowl. I’m sure there are worse things to be covered in, but still. Lots of cleaning up to do.
2. Making your own chocolate is actually surprisingly easy to do. The recipe is incredibly simple; 1 part coco powder, 1 part oil, sweeten to taste. You don’t even need a double boiler – although I’m sure that makes it easier.

(I used unrefined coconut oil, but I’m guessing you could use butter or any other oil-based solid stuff, maybe even cream cheese? Also I just realized I forgot to add a pinch of salt. Whoops!).

3. Bitter chocolate is BITTER. Very bitter. It took 12 ounces of liquid sweetener just to get it to taste like dark chocolate.

4. Beware liquid sweeteners. My chocolate was looking beautiful with that liquid silk texture glistening in the sunlight as I stirred….and then I added liquid sweetener and it almost immediately turned into gritty mush. Turns out the liquid sweetener I used contained water.

5. Beware of water. Apparently chocolate does not mix well with any amount of water. It took a little internet research to figure out that this is what ruined the texture of my chocolate, but not that much. (Edit: after some more reading I have learned that chocolate will tolerate liquid as long as you maintain the ratio 1 part liquid to 4 parts chocolate. Haven’t tried it myself – seems easier to just avoid liquids altogether.)

6. Even ugly chocolate tastes good. Although my chocolate didn’t end up with that silky smooth texture I was hoping for, it still tastes just fine. I had to strain out all the water that kept separating from the mix but in the end I had some pretty good tasting chocolate. 

7. The flavor changes over time. When I first put it in the fridge to set, it still tasted pretty intensely tangy and bitter but after sitting overnight it has mellowed considerably. Now it tastes much more like the fudge I was hoping for.