Reasons to Love Wyoming

Stories from the Road

Why do I like Cheyenne, WY so much? To be honest, I haven’t taken in much of the actual town; big rigs (like the one I currently drive to pay the bills) are generally a pain to take into most towns and in five years of driving I have never tried it in Cheyenne. I guess the Cheyenne I know is more the outskirts; the wide open spaces with broad roads and plenty of visibility. Practical considerations like this that apply mostly to truckers make it an easy favorite. Several truck stops located right off the interstate with very little car traffic will tend to put most drivers in a good mood – or at least a better mood depending on the driver. There are also several very spacious distribution centers that are relatively easy to pick up and deliver to; this, together with Cheyenne’s location – at least a hundred miles from the nearest major city in any direction – would be enough to make it popular among drivers who live for the open road. Beyond practical considerations however, Cheyenne – and Wyoming as a whole – has a natural beauty that is unsurpassed by any other state.

To put it one way, Wyoming is 90% sky. There is little if anything to crowd the horizon, and what is there is distant and magnificent. The state straddles the rocky mountains, but in a place where the range gives way to rolling foothills and broad plateaus instead of the jutting craggy peaks of Colorado. The result is vistas that go on all the way to the horizon, mostly unbroken, and dressed with purple mountains in the extreme distance. Meanwhile, the real scenery is in the sky as towering cumulous colossi dwarf the mountains and paint their mile long shadows across he table lands.

So yeah, I like Cheyenne, and I like Wyoming. The driving is easy, the miles are long, and the scenery is pretty hard to beat; and at the end of the day, knowing that a hot meal and a shower are just off the interstate is just the icing on the cake.


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