Thus Far Shall Ye Go And No Further


After getting a little bit of a late start  this morning (having slept in a little) I reached the several mountain passes that interstate 5 winds through as it crosses the border between Oregon and California. Just before the boarder I found myself on slippery ice and snow and had to slow down quite a bit. I was actually surprised that chains were not required and was considering putting them on regardless when conditions improved as quickly as they had deteriorated. Not long after the border however, and just before the final mountain pass between me and the much easier terrain that begins just north of Redding and continues south all the way until the Grapevine, I came upon a road closure. The last pass was closed, due to snow and ice no doubt, and I was obliged to stop for the night. I’m not sure when the road closed so it’s hard to say whether an earlier start would  have helped, but most likely it would have. Temperatures tend to drop at night, and with the low visibility and poor conditions, road closures (at least in this area) seem more common after dark – unlike Wyoming where winter road closures can come at any time day or night and can even last for days at a time. With any luck, I’ll be back on the road early tomorrow – with a rather more daunting days drive ahead. I am expected in Los Angeles at 10 am day after tomorrow. Wish me luck!


34 Hours Turns into 64 Hours


Sometimes you just can’t know what’s going to happen. For the last week my assignments have come in before I was even finished with the one I was working on. This is ideal because it allows me to plan ahead and figure out how to make the best use of my hours. I was driving so many miles and burning up so many hours that I was about to run out so, in order to make the most efficient use of my available hours I opted to take 34 hour reset upon my arrival to W. Sacramento (allowing me to show a full 70 hours available instead of a dozen or less for my next assignment). This seemed to be a good idea, and I got up bright and early this morning ready to roll. No assignment came until 1:30pm and the load doesn’t pick up until tomorrow at 2:00pm. Bleh. So I sit around half of yesterday, all of today, and half of tomorrow waiting to roll. At least it’s not too cold.