Lebanon, TN

Welcome back to Lebanon, TN. It's been a while since I've beento the Lebanon Yard and it worked out that this was the best place for me to do a 34 hour reset (see Federal DOT regulations). The weather is nice and I managed to get my laundry done already so there's not much else to do now but just hang out. Yup. Hangin out. Just hangin. Oh yeah. Lovin' the hanging out.
Ok, so I am really bored right now. So much so that a 2 hour conversation in the laundry room with another driver about her metaphysical experiences was actually kinda fun. I don't really know of anything very entertaining to do near here, but I'm trying not to spend money anyway so I guess it's for the best. I am kinda burned out on cell phone chess (but John, if you are reading this, Queen's Knight to C3), and I'm just not in a reading mood at the moment. I don't feel like getting my bike down (it's strapped to the back of my truck cab) and there's no where to really walk to. The internet here is also very restricted. I had to bypass the firewall just to check my myspace messages.
I will probably end up grabbin' a comfy chair in the drivers' lounge and watch TV with everyone else. Meh. Oh well. Every day can't be an epoch adventure. I'm off to claim a few yards of cushy black leather reclining comfort. Adios.

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