The Extra Long Haul

Things are going very well. I'm puttin' away miles like nobody's business. Averaging somewhere around 2,500 miles a week, I am getting ahead fast, financially. Seeing as I'm sort of on a roll and don't have any commitments until November, I've decided to stay on the road through the month of October rather than taking the “obligatory” home time each 21 days. It will be the longest stint I've done so far – 2 entire months. I have been feeling pretty good despite a little cold I picked up on my way from Oklahoma to California. I am beating it off though. I treated myself to a night at a motel 6 last night and even splourged for a pizza delivery to make it the perfect mid-stint vacation. Tomorrow morning I a will be back at it with a load headd for Springfield, Missouri. By the time I get there I will have covered almost 5,000 miles in just over 1 week. Not bad. Not bad at all. I am glad I am getting alot of miles in before winter. Winter tends to slow things down a bit. Blizzards and whatnot. Plus I am hoping to be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas which will slow me down a bit.
To my friends and family in the northwest; I feel I owe you an explanation. I have not forsaken you but as I am discovering that less home time = more miles which = more pay, I am finding myself homesick for California more and more. The familiar sights sounds and smells keep calling me back there, but my love for the northwest has not diminished. I hope to visit again soon.
To all my friends who haven't heard from me, I will be in touch more regularly soon – I just ordered my new laptop and should be able to pick it up next time I swing by home (end of October). So, hooray for the new laptop! I miss you all and hope to see you again soon.


Lebanon, TN

Welcome back to Lebanon, TN. It's been a while since I've beento the Lebanon Yard and it worked out that this was the best place for me to do a 34 hour reset (see Federal DOT regulations). The weather is nice and I managed to get my laundry done already so there's not much else to do now but just hang out. Yup. Hangin out. Just hangin. Oh yeah. Lovin' the hanging out.
Ok, so I am really bored right now. So much so that a 2 hour conversation in the laundry room with another driver about her metaphysical experiences was actually kinda fun. I don't really know of anything very entertaining to do near here, but I'm trying not to spend money anyway so I guess it's for the best. I am kinda burned out on cell phone chess (but John, if you are reading this, Queen's Knight to C3), and I'm just not in a reading mood at the moment. I don't feel like getting my bike down (it's strapped to the back of my truck cab) and there's no where to really walk to. The internet here is also very restricted. I had to bypass the firewall just to check my myspace messages.
I will probably end up grabbin' a comfy chair in the drivers' lounge and watch TV with everyone else. Meh. Oh well. Every day can't be an epoch adventure. I'm off to claim a few yards of cushy black leather reclining comfort. Adios.