Hello, Nashville…it’s been a long time.


Day 1
Today I flew to Nashville, TN where I will begin my training. The company’s yard is actually located in Lebanon, TN (about 30 minutes east of Nashville) and I am booked at a hotel not far from there. There’s a strange coincidence about where I am staying though. Nine years ago when I was on the road with the religous rock group Plankeye I stayed for about a week at the hotel across the street from where I am now during the 1998 Gospel Music Awards and again later on during the tour. I ate at the same restraunts and everything. I distinctly remember my experiance at the Waffle House right next door. It’s kinda crazy. Of all the places I could end up I land right next to the place I spent the most time during my touring years.
So here I am in this clean little room at the Best Value Inn just off Interstate 40. It’s clean, it’s quiet, it’s not home, and I am trying to get myself to go to bed. I guess the most unsettling thing about places like this is that there’s no one around. There is a noticable absense of human bodies anywhere near my room. When I cannot see, hear, or otherwise sense other people around me, I get a little uneasy. It’s like the opposite of that phobia of crowds (can’t remember the name). It makes the silence in this room somewhat oppressive. I hate leaving things like music or TV on just for the sake of noise, but I may resort to that just so I can sleep. Tomorrow is a big day. My first day employed by a truck driving company.


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